IBC Laundering

Internal and External Washing


At Multifry, we offer FSA approved, food grade IBC wash service. Our process has been tested and approved by the Food Standards Agency, giving us confidence in the entire wash process. IBC laundering has yielded fantastic results for us internally, allowing us to improve the service we offer our customers. Yorkshire Water have also authorised a Trade Effluent licence, allowing us to legitimately dispose of the waste produced by this process.

After having much success with this process ourselves, we have decided to create the capacity to offer this service to other businesses. Since making this decision we are now able to offer an external and internal washing service for IBCs which leave completely clean and dry IBCs, which are resealed and suitable for re-use for any intended purpose.

IBC laundering to this standard helps keep customers happy, improves lead times, aids reducing your environmental impact and most off all keeps your accountant happy!


For more information or rates for these services, please contact using the link below.