Contract Packing Services

If you have a bulk product which you need to manufacture; we have the facilities and expertise to create a custom packing system to fit your needs. Our certified process is time effective, efficient, and reliable.

We can arrange planning, quality assurance, and distribution, all custom designed and at a competitive rate.


Family Values

Multifry was started by Clive Sims in the 1970s, with his family close to his heart in the decision to do so. These family values are evident throughout our business, as Multifry currently employs three generations of the Sims family within its ranks.


Whether you have a product in mind, or want to know the best product for use within your business, we have the knowledge to support oil packing needs.


Our production facilities are regularly audited by multiple certification bodies, to ensure that our products and services meet national and global requirements.
This allows us to guarantee quality through all of our certified products.



With strong links to UK and European refineries, and locally based transport links. We are committed to a flexible and professional supply chain which offers low lead times and true efficiency to meet your needs.


How can we help?

Do not hesitate to contact us with any query you may have. Our dedicated team will be happy to assist with any questions you may have.

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