Nationwide Operation

Multifry has been based in Hull since the beginning, developing strong links with local companies that have grown into committed business relationships. This, coupled with the transport benefits of Hull’s dock, rail and road networks; means we are able to distribute confidently throughout the United Kingdom and in Europe. Our logistics network is a tried and tested system, which is both trusted and reliable.


Through the years, we have developed strong links to UK and European refineries, as well as gaining valuable transport links locally. We are committed to a flexible and professional supply chain which offers advantages such as low lead times and operational efficiency which is valued by our customers.

Dedicated Team

Our team are committed to providing a complete service that begins when you first enquire, and ends when you have your order delivered to you. The team work relentlessly to ensure smooth running and have a proactive approach to logistical issues.

HGV & Vans

With a range of transport options at our disposal we cater for orders of all sizes; from bulk tankers, to curtain siders and small vans. We have the capability to deliver orders of all sizes throughout Europe.