Contract Packing


We provide a comprehensive contract packing service which caters for orders for all sizes, including bulk tankers, IBCs and drums. We can pack your oil into any specified packaging, from IBCs to 20lts. Our packing process is fully BRCGS certified, as well as Halal, Kosher, Red Tractor and Soil Association options for specific products. Our dedicated quality assurance team will work to maintain any additional requirements for your products.

Our oil packing system is time effective, reliable, and efficient, giving our customers peace of mind. The service we offer can turnaround a full bulk load of packing into multiple pack formats within 24 hours, which helps to meet customer demand, and reduce the cost of static stock. We also work closely with you to create labelling, coding, and logistic arrangements which suit your needs.

We also offer flexible and competitive rates for these services, which will be customised to your situation. Our team have the experience and knowledge to create a packing solution that best fits your business’ requirements.


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Enquire with your needs or contact our team we’ll create a plan that suits your needs.