Palm Oil


Palm oil (Elaeis Guineensis) production generates an astounding 45 million tonnes per year, making it the world’s largest crop. It is mostly grown in the tropics, including Indonesia, Malaysia, West Africa and South America.

Palm oil is a material that has uses in both food and non-food industries and has a high demand in the worldwide market. After refining, palm oil has a creamy white solid fat at room temperature and is commonly supplied as a solid block.

Palm Olein is a more liquid fraction of palm oil that is often used as cooking oil or for deep frying.

Organic varieties of palm oil are also available upon request.


Palm oil has a higher level of saturates than most other oils, making it stable and suitable for most cooking and frying applications within both food and industrial sectors. Due to this fact, it is widely used for ice cream, biscuits, margarine and shortenings.


We supply palm oil in IBC’s, lever lid drums and 20 litre buckets. Please be advised, palm oil sets solid after packing and will need to be reheated in order to extract the oil from the container.

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